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12.07.22 - Guide to Used Aircraft Tugs and Ground Support Equipment

Purchasing ground support equipment (GSE) for your airport, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) facility or fixed-base operator (FBO) facility is a huge financial decision. New aircraft tugs,pushback tractors, baggage carts and test equipment are high-cost assets to acquire, maintain and operate for operations of any size. However, the value they provide tends to outweigh their cost of entry...

10.20.22 - Guide to GSE Energy Storage Solutions

There are currently two main types of energy storage solutions airports, ground handling companies and fixed-base operations use to power their electric ground support equipment (GSE): lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Electricity has long been used in the industrial sector to power equipment – mainly in work environments where carbon emissions are too dangerous.

08.29.22 - How Rising Fuel Costs Are Impacting the Aerospace Industry and Creating An Opportunity to Transition to Electric GSE

Just as airlines began to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the aerospace industry was hit by another rising challenge, a rapid spike in fuel costs. While the global initiative for sustainable transportation aims to change things by 2050, it seems like commercial aviation and the aerospace industry will need to continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.


When a ground crew is out on the flightline, reliable aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) is essential. Efficiency, speed and accuracy are the three characteristics of quality GSE. When everything works together as it should, aircraft towing and turnaround times are kept to the bare minimum with relative ease. However, quality often comes with a high price tag – something not every operation can afford.


Aircraft towing is an essential part of daily operations at airports worldwide. There's no question that the safest way to move an aircraft on the ground is through the use of aircraft towing equipment. Without aircraft towing equipment, airports open themselves up to the possibility of dangerous accidents that can jeopardize the safety of ground crews, passengers and the aircraft itself.


Outdated aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) that isn't running as efficiently as it should can put your ground operations under extreme financial pressure. When ground support equipment and vehicles need constant repairs and/or are increasingly more expensive to operate, it can be a blow to your productivity and overall bottom line. It is at this point that you will need to strongly consider replacing outdated equipment with modern aviation GSE. Keep reading to learn four of the most common red flags to look for when determining if your aircraft GSE is outdated.

04.16.21 - How To Maximize Cost Savings and Make the Most of an Airport Ground Support Equipment Fleet

Maintaining an airport ground support equipment fleet is expensive. But by maximizing the efficiency of your equipment, you can increase cost savings and make the most of your GSE airport fleet. Keep reading to learn some strategic ways to curb costs and get the most out of your airport GSE.


Runway towing is a very precise operation and one that can be hazardous if you aren't following the proper taxiing procedures. There are many moving parts and ever-changing conditions that you have to account for at all times. In this article, we're sharing some general aircraft towing procedures and best practices to keep in mind when conducting daily taxiing procedures using aircraft tugs.


COVID-19 has had an impact on every facet of our daily lives. Yet, despite air travel taking a steep decline in the months since the pandemic began, MROs and ground crews continue to be a critical component of the airline industry. By shifting the operational focus to adjust to the changing landscape, they can still prove quite useful. Keep reading to learn how airlines are temporarily adapting and MROs are transitioning their airport ground support equipment (GSE) fleets during this volatile and uncertain time.

07.23.20 - Types of Airplane Tugs, from Small Aircraft Tugs to Electric Towbarless Tractors

An airplane tug is used to prepare an aircraft for take-off or transport a craft for regular maintenance and repair. It's a crucial component of any airport or hangar's ground support equipment (GSE). In this article, we're taking a look at some of the more common types of aircraft towing equipment available on the market, from small aircraft tugs to electric towbarless tractors, and the many benefits they provide.

06.15.20 - The Differences (And Commonalities) Between GSE Military Models and Civilian Aircraft GSE

Military aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) is used in completely different environments and conditions than civilian aircraft GSE. We're taking a look at the core differences between military aircraft GSE and civilian GSE.

05.29.20 - Guide to Transitioning to Electric Ground Support Equipment for Towing Aircraft

There is a global effort in place to shift aviation and ground support equipment (GSE) toward cleaner and greener airport transportation. While we've talked about the cost of going electric, we haven't yet discussed how to seamlessly transition a GSE fleet to avoid inefficiencies, downtime and unnecessary costs.

04.16.20 - How To Prevent Foreign Object Debris At Airports

Foreign object debris (FOD) causes billions of dollars of damage to aircraft each year. While not totally avoidable, there are ways to remove FOD and reduce the potential for foreign object damage. Keep reading to learn about the common causes of FOD and ways to mitigate the issue, including conducting daily inspections and using proper ground support equipment (GSE) with towbarless tugs specifically designed for the job.

03.11.20 - How to Choose the Right Military Aircraft Ground Support Equipment for Naval Operations

From gale-force winds to around-the-clock operations, Navy flight support equipment goes through the wringer on a daily basis. We're taking a look at the conditions in which military ground support equipment needs to be able to operate, as well as some things to consider when purchasing Navy GSE.

02.13.20 - Ground Support Equipment Winter Maintenance Tips

You most likely know the basics of how to protect aircraft in the winter. But did you know that it's just as important to keep your ground support equipment (GSE) fleet winter-ready? Keeping aircraft tugs and Bobtail tractors in tip-top shape is vital in the cold months if you want equipment to run at its best. We're sharing some of the top things you should do in the winter to keep your GSE going strong.

01.22.20 - What Is Big Data?

We're explaining how big data can be used to provide actionable intelligence about aircraft tugs and aviation ground support equipment. From monitoring an engine's performance to identifying areas of weakness, big data management can reveal subtle trends over time and keep a fleet running at peak operating efficiency.

01.03.20 - Guide To Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

This guide will explore the causes of hydraulic fluid contamination and how to effectively reduce particulate contamination through testing and regular inspections.

12.05.19 - Things to Consider When Creating GSE Replacement Plan 

When a vital component of your airport ground support equipment fleet dies, it can throw a wrench into your overall efficiency and productivity. But that doesn't have to be the case. This article will take you through the process of creating an aircraft GSE plan for updating and upgrading your runway fleet.

10.16.19 - The Advantages Of Having Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Plans In Place

There are countless reasons why having an airport ground support equipment maintenance and repair plan in place is so vital. These procedures help to minimize downtime and prolong your equipment's service life. Keep reading to learn why maintenance plans are worth the energy, time and investment required.

09.26.19 - The Benefits of an Eagle Bobtail Tractor

The Eagle Tugs Bobtail Tractor is the standard for both narrow and wide-body cargo towing for military aircraft, as well as all North American and British airlines. There's a reason industry leaders trust Eagle Tugs. The following is a brief look at some of the unmatched benefits of the Eagle Bobtail cargo tractor.

08.26.19 - Aircraft Tug Preventive Maintenance Guide 

To avoid costly damage and downtime, preventive maintenance and repairs are necessary for all airplane tugs. There are a few crucial preventive maintenance procedures that should be a regular part of your airplane tug maintenance checklist.

08.22.19 - Comparing Military Tow Tractor Models 

Military aircraft operations require equipment that is much different than the needs of civilian aircraft operations. This comparison guide will help you to better understand the distinct features and benefits of Eagle Tugs’ military aircraft ground support equipment.   

07.25.19 - Aviation Ground Support Equipment Timeline

The aviation and ground support equipment industries have a naturally intertwined history that dates back to the early 18th century. Through groundbreaking technological advances, aviation ground support equipment is forever changing and evolving.  

05.21.19 - Improve Ramp Safety With Towbarless Tugs

Ramp safety is vital for any airport or hangar. Learn more about threats to ramp safety and how to reduce workplace accidents through the use of training, a towbarless tug and more! 

03.19.19 - Comparing Bobtail Tractor Options

By understanding the unique features and distinct differences between Eagle Tugs’ Bobtail Tractor models, you’ll be better able to make an informed purchasing decision.  

02.20.19 - What Is A Bobtail Tractor

What is a Bobtail Tractor? We’re delving into the world of high-speed cargo tractors to help you determine if you need one for your hangar or airport. /

01.24.19 - Electric Aircraft Tug Cost

Various factors should be considered when calculating the total cost of investment and ownership of an electric aircraft tug. But by taking the time to look at your options, you’ll quickly see how much an electric tow tug can save you in the long run.  

12.17.18 - Advantages Of An Electric Aircraft Tug

Electric tow tugs have many advantages, as well as comparable features, over traditional diesel or gas options. While electric tugs might not be right for everybody, we’re highlighting some reasons you might want to consider making the switch.

11.14.18 - Airplane Tug Winter Traction Tips

With winter comes many challenges for the aviation industry – in particular, dangerously icy ground conditions. The following are some tips for maintaining good airplane tug traction in wintery conditions.

10.25.18 - Comparing Airplane Tug Models 

Eagle Tugs’ airplane tug models are known for their superior functionality and reliability. But which aircraft tractor is right for you? By using this comparison guide, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed purchase.

08.23.18 - Aircraft Tug Safety

Operating an aircraft tug properly is vital to the overall safety of all involved. Use this 12-point guide to begin putting protocols into place for aircraft tug operators.

07.25.18 - Choosing Aircraft Tugs

Determining the proper aircraft tug for your needs requires considering and understanding several factors. Let us guide you through the process, letting you in on some of the ways our experts make their recommendations when it’s time to purchase new aircraft tugs.

07.02.18 - Aircraft Tugs Vs. Baggage Tractors

There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t be using a baggage tractor as an airplane tug. While aircraft tugs and baggage tractors may seem similar, they were each created for a very specific purpose.

06.27.18 - How To Operate An Aircraft Tractor

Moving aircraft in a safe and efficient manner is no easy task. Learn some tips and basic instructions for how to properly operate an aircraft tractor.

05.01.18 - Important Considerations For Choosing Military Aircraft Tugs

Military aircraft tugs need to be able to meet certain intense demands, and not all tugs can cut it. Find out what matters in the field and which aircraft tugs are fit to be military tugs.

04.24.18 - Ground Support Equipment for Air Cargo Transport and Handling

Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are important to any cargo handling operation. Learn what ground support equipment is best suited to help you minimize aircraft turnaround time.

03.08.18 - The Towbarless Aircraft Tug eJP Advantage

Aircraft Towbars have long been the norm to help move aircraft, but the eJP towbarless tug offers the best turning radius in the industry with smooth deceleration. Learn more about the eJP towbarless advantage today and how you can improve your operation. 

02.28.18 - Aircraft Tractors: Traditional Vs. Towbarless Tugs

Depending on the needs of your operation, it can be difficult to determine whether a traditional aircraft tractor or a towbarless tug would be most useful in terms of safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and more. We examine the primary pros and cons of both conventional towbar and towbarless tractors.

12.01.17 - Tronair, Inc. Acquires Malabar and DAE

Tronair, Inc ("Tronair") is proud to announce the acquisition of Malabar and DAE, collectively Malabar Holding Company (“Malabar”). Tronair is a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital.

09.29.17 - The Eagle Has Landed

Eagle Tugs, a Tronair, Inc Company, has moved into 1 Air Cargo Parkway East in Swanton, OH. Tronair is a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital.

09.01.13 - Congratulations to Interjet on the launch of their Sukhoi Superjet 100

Eagle Tugs would like to congratulate our customer Interjet Airlines on the launch of their new Sukhoi Superjet 100's. Eagle is proud to have had the opportunity to supply Interjet with Eagle XL-40 pushback tractors to handle their new Superjet 100's as well as their other fleet of aircraft. Please watch the video below of the Eagle XL-40 in action moving Interjet's new Superjet 100:

12.01.12 -Eagle Tugs Hires Dale Rusling as Quality Manager

Eagle Tugs announces the hiring of Dale Rusling as Quality Manager. Dale joins the Eagle team with over 30 years experience in the special machines, body-in-white robotic welding and assembly equipment and precision gauging industries. One of Dale's responsibilities is refining the Eagle Tugs quality management system leading to ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2013.

Most recently, Dale was Quality, Environmental and IT Manager for Intra Corporation and was responsible for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 certifications. Prior to that, he was the Corporate Quality Director for Detroit Center Tool. Dale has a broad background in machine design, application engineering, proposals, sales, manufacturing, project management, training and in the installation of quality management systems.

Dale is a member of the American Society for Quality and has held ASQ certifications as Quality Manager and Quality Auditor.

09.20.11 - Norwegian Air Force

It is with great pleasure that US Manufacturer Eagle Tugs announces the final inspection approval of its USATS-8 Aircraft Tractor for the MoD Norway (Norwegian Air Force). Major Marcus Lund flew to the manufacturing facility in Michigan for final inspection and formal meetings. The USATS-8 will be used mostly for helicopter operations in Norway. The USATS-8 was originally designed on request from the 160th SOAR Division of the US Army. It is a heli ops workhorse. General Manager Justin Akinleye also expressed a special thanks to the US Department of Commerce who has been assisting the Eagle team. “We have had the good fortune of assistance and direction from Mr. Mike Viniconis. His many years of guidance assisted us in staying on target with this project”.

03.04.10 - Middle East relies on Eagle AWD USATS

This week another 6 units roll out the door for special operations in the Middle East.

Eagle Tugs has seen significant demand for their USATS series originally engineered for the US Army Special Forces. The USATS, a modified All Wheel Drive tractor focusing on helicopter operations and business class jets, has all that you need. All Wheel Drive allows the unit to be 1/3 lighter for air transportability. This also assists the unit in smooth pushbacks under any conditions. With a flat deck capable of carrying a 1-ton payload, there is nothing this unit can't do. Deployed throughout the world, the USATS is getting serious attention for heli operations. Eagle USATS, built to meet the demands of today's global military operations.

Please see full product details and pictures at the Eagle Tugs home page, under the Military listing.

02.19.10 - Leave Vegas With More Green!

Could there be a better time and place to feature Eagle Tugs new Green lineup than Las Vegas over St. Patrick's Day? It is the annual Aviation Industry Expo, held again this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 16, 17 and 18, 2010. Clean and Green will be the theme and Eagle's offering of electric units should offer options for many aviation personnel. The eTT8, the eTT12, and the MTT will be available at Booth 3000 and Eagle representatives hope you will stop by to discuss the reliability and performance you have come to expect from Eagle products, now with the added benefit of zero emissions. Join us for Happy Hour on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The beer won't be green, but the tugs will! Hope to see you there.

09.25.09 - Eagle adds Green products

The eTT Electric Aircraft tug that debuted this year is proving popular with flight departments looking to electrify their operations. The eTT series maintains the same All-Wheel Drive feature of the existing TT series, while enhancing maneuverability with the addition of All-Wheel Steering. In response to the rising interest generated in the United States, Eagle has also shipped this new model to our European distributor. We expect this environmentally safe and energy efficient unit will be a big hit in Europe. Following on the success of the eTT, Eagle's engineers have completed design on an eco-friendly electric tow tractor that is currently in the prototype stage. This MTT medium-duty utility model features an energy-efficient 80V A/C electric drive and will serve as a zero-emission solution to today's "Green" airport initiatives. Features include a 5,000 lbf. DBP for towing or pushing up to 75,000 lbs and a 55 in. x 70 in. rear cargo deck that supports up to 1,000 lbs. of payload. The new Eagle MTT offers superior flexibility to any airport operation.

02.27.09 - Come see us in Vegas!

The Eagle Sales and Management team will once again be on hand at the Aviation Industry Expo on March 10-12 in Las Vegas. Jace Morgan, President of Eagle Tugs, is proud to announce that their exhibit this year will feature the unveiling of an eagerly awaited new product. The eTT is Eagle’s newest tow tractor series. The eTT is an electric tow tractor powered by an 80 Volt A/C electric drive. The eTT-12 will be displayed at the show; this is a 12,000-pound draw bar pull tow tractor, featuring All Wheel Drive (AWD) and All Wheel Steering (AWS). The eTT-12 is the only electric aircraft tractor available in its class to incorporate these features. It was developed in response to requests for electric tow tractors that still provide the proven reliability and durability that the Eagle TT-series has become known for across the industry. Stop by Booth #719 and check it out! Additional tow tractors on display will be Eagle’s TT-8 and TT-12 Tier III diesel-powered aircraft tractors, as well as the Eagle RTT-18 A/C electric tow tractor. Originally developed for industrial applications, the RTT has also generated interest for baggage applications, as well as small helicopter and airplane towing. We sincerely hope that you will stop by our booth and take a look. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your towing and handling needs, and would love to demonstrate the products that can make Eagle Tugs a partner in your success.

09.30.08 - Dubai Exhibition

Justin Akinleye, Director of International Sales, announces that Eagle Tugs will participate in the Middle East Business Aviation Exhibition (MEBA) in Dubai on November 16th - 18th. According to the MEBA website "The Middle East is now the worlds fastest expanding market for private jets. Industry experts forecast that the region will account for $720 million of the private jet market this year." This event includes 250 companies from 22 countries, and we invite you to visit Justin at Eagle's booth number 846. Further information on this show can be obtained at: www.meba.aero

06.20.08 - Engineering Department addition

Eagle Tugs announces the hiring last month of Phillip Brewer as Engineering Manager. Phil obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. We anticipate our Engineering Department to play an increasing role as demand on our product line increases. Phil's project and management experience will greatly contribute to our successful growth. We look forward to his participation in Eagle's endeavors.

10.10.07 - USATS In Production

Military testing of the USATS-6 (Utility Standard Aircraft Towing System) prototype, which took place this spring at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, has proven to be a great success. Prototype testing has resulted in orders for multiple production units, which will be delivered to various Army bases in November. The USATS-6 is a combination aircraft tractor and flatbed truck. It was developed to US Army specifications, as a multifunctional tow tractor incorporating the performance and reliability of the Eagle AWD TT-series. Unloaded, the USATS-6 has a 75,000 lb. towing capacity. Additionally, it will carry up to 1 ton of payload on its 60" x 90" deck, which increases the towing capacity up to 90,000 lbs. Eagle Tugs is proud of this accomplishment and happy to add the USATS-6 to our line of quality products. For background information on the USATS-6 development, please follow the link below. GSW Military e-Issue - USATS.pdf

07.23.07 - RTT Developments

The success of the A/C electric RTT industrial material handling tugs (tuggers), utilized in manufacturing and assembly plants across the country, is leading to increased focus on development of this series. The initial RTT-12, with 12,000 lbs. of towing capacity, is constantly undergoing design enhancements. There is also an 18,000 lb. RTT-18 tugger currently being developed. The new models have larger steer and drive wheels, making them even more suited for handling on unimproved surface conditions. There are currently over 100 A/C electric RTT tuggers in manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

06.28.07 - Eagle Bob Tail Volume

The longevity of the Eagle Bob Tail air cargo tractor has led to a historic sales record. More Bob Tails have been sold in the first half of 2007 than in any full year prior to this time. Eagle built the original Bob Tail over 40 years ago and continues to build the only true Bob Tail cargo tractor. Its demonstrated reliability over the past 40 years has customers preferring the Eagle Bob Tail over other cargo hauling products in the market.

04.22.07 - Administrative Personnel

With a larger facility and increasing business, Eagle Tugs continues to focus on quality growth and development in all phases of our operation. The need for a strong administration department to support these goals was identified and Eagle is happy to announce the hiring of a new Administration Manager. Connie Sroufe joins our team with many years of administrative experience in the manufacturing and engineering fields. This will be an important asset as we work to provide continually impressive customer satisfaction.

03.20.07 - Ground Support Equipment Expo Orlando

Contracting for our largest booth space ever, Eagle expanded the inventory of products at the annual GSE show. Thousands of attendees, vendors and exhibitors were able to view the new USATS prototype, the TT-8, the TT-12 and our Eagle Bob Tail. The GSE Expo was the first time Eagle exhibited its Bob Tail series cargo tractors at an industry tradeshow. As a result of being able to "kick the tires", customers responded by ordering over $525,000 worth of Bob Tails directly from the show.

02.01.07 - 1,000th TT

Eagle Tugs is proud to announce production of their 1,000th TT-series aircraft tug. Doing the math, that calculates to roughly 9,160,000 pounds of TT-series tugs built at Eagle! The organization celebrated this success with a staff luncheon that included a t-shirt for each employee, incorporating the statistics of this achievement. The TT-series are the only All Wheel Drive aircraft tractors available in the 4,000-12,000 lb. DBP towing capacities. This means the Eagle TT-series aircraft tractors are best suited to move today's regional, corporate, and military aircraft on all surface conditions.

01.04.07 - New Facility Update

The move to the new facility has proved to be timely, as business has exceeded expectations and output has more than doubled. Our new state-of-the-art paint booth is fully operational, and provides us with the ability to paint multiple units at the same time, along with larger units. Paint jobs on our tugs - already the best in the industry - now move closer to an auto quality finish, and allows us more flexibility in matching a tugs paint scheme to the aircraft it is moving. As hoped, our location near the Detroit Metro Airport has encourage visits from customers to view the production process and meet the Eagle team. Please contact us if you would be interested in touring our facility.

02.21.06 - Eagle Tugs delivers 1st Production RTT

Eagle Tugs delivers its first 5 RTT-12 industrial tuggers to General Motors for their new Delta Township, Michigan production plant. The 5 RTT-12's were the first 5 of 85 ordered for the new plant. The RTT is a Standup/Sitdown AC electric tow tractor designed specifically to handle the high-efficiency demands of today's high volume manufacturing and distribution customers. For more information on the Eagle RTT-12, visit www.eagletugs.com or call 800-426-6301.

11.15.06 - Eagle Tugs moves into new facility

Eagle Tugs moved into a new production facility in Detroit, Michigan that doubles its production capacity. Their new manufacturing facility is next to Detroit Metro Airport which will help Eagle better support its customers.