Why You Should Never Use a Baggage Tractor as an Aircraft Tug

To some, an aircraft tug and a baggage tractor may seem similar. Some may even be tempted to use baggage tractors as aircraft tugs. But that could be an inefficient, costly and even dangerous mistake.

Aircraft tugs are designed specifically to move aircraft; they are not baggage or cargo tractors repurposed for moving airplanes. Eagle Tug’s aircraft tugs offer a simplistic design, yet they’re known for their superior functionality and reliability.

Baggage tractors are designed to transport cargo and baggage carts and are not built to move any type of aircraft.

Airplane Tugs (Tractors) vs. Standard Baggage Tractors

There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t be using a baggage tractor as an airplane tug, and the following are just a few.

  • Baggage tractors are only intended to pull carts, not multi-million dollar planes. Each operation has its own separate and unique set of requirements.

  • Baggage tractors lack all-wheel drive, a necessity when moving aircraft.

  • Aircraft tugs are designed specifically to move aircraft. They have towing capacities directly matched with the weight of the aircraft and are much more efficient, safe and reliable than a baggage tractor.

  • Therefore an aircraft tug also provides a lower through-life cost, even compared to a baggage tractor that may have a lower upfront cost.

  • Baggage tractors don’t offer an ergonomic operator station.

  • An airport baggage tug has reduced front-end control due to uneven weight distribution. But the 50/50 weight distribution of aircraft tugs makes stopping a more controlled effort.

  • Airplane tugs offer the visibility and sightlines needed for transporting aircraft that baggage tractors simply can’t offer.

  • The features of aircraft-specific tractors provide operators with the confidence and peace of mind to safely and efficiently accomplish the job.

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Move Your Aircraft The Right Way

Don’t put your employees or aircraft in jeopardy by using a baggage tractor as an aircraft towing tug. Move your aircraft and transport baggage with equipment that was made to get each job done right. Learn more about the aircraft tugs and baggage tractors available through Eagle Tugs, and request a quote today.


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