Military Aircraft Tugs

From off-the-shelf models to custom-built military aircraft tugs, Eagle provides government operations just the right solutions they need. Our military experience allows us to recommend and provide the right military tow truck for your specific location, conditions, and use. We are CCR registered and work closely with contracting officers to ensure all orders and paperwork are completed to specification. We also offer a GSA contract to assist you with the contracting phase. References are available upon request. Contact Eagle Tugs today for more information about our military towing vehicles.

  1. USATS Military Tow Tractors - Aircraft Tugs

    USATS Military Aircraft Tugs

    USATS-8 & USATS-6

    At the request of the U.S. military, Eagle provides an all-wheel-drive Eagle...

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  2. All Wheel Drive Aircraft Tugs | Eagle Tugs

    TT Series Aircraft Tugs

    TT-4, TT-5, TT-6 & TT-8

    Eagle TT Series tugs are the only All Wheel Drive (AWD), mid-operator aircraft tugs in their weight class. With Eagle TT Series tow tractors, you'll get excellent traction, equal weight...

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  3.  aircraft tow tractors - eagle TT Series

    Eagle TT Series Aircraft Tugs are the only All Wheel Drive (AWD), mid-operator airplane tugs in their weight class, providing excellent traction, equal weight distribution, and direct...

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  4. Eagle Bobtail Tractor

    Eagle Bobtail Tractor

    EB2-5, EB2-7, EB2-8

    Order gas or diesel-powered high-speed Eagle cargo tractors from Eagle Tugs. Built on the Ford F350 or F550 chassis, these bobtail tow tractors will meet your cargo hauling needs....

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  5. Bob Tail Tow Tractor - Aircraft Tug

    Diesel-powered high-speed cargo tractor built on the Ford F-750 chassis. The Eagle EB2-10 offers customers 10,000 lbf. DBP to tow up to 95,000 lbs. of cargo at 25 mph (40 kph) in...

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