Transit Towing

Do you need a utility tractor to service your bus fleet? Get an Eagle Transit Pro for transit towing. Eagle filled a need for the Transit industry by turning its AWD TT Series tow tractors into service vehicles for inoperable buses. The Eagle Transit Pro is an all-in-one towing service tool that can push inoperable buses out of the way or back to the maintenance garage, jump-start dead batteries, or service tires and air systems on the spot. Choose from our transit towing models including the TT-6 Eagle Transit Pro, the TT-8 Eagle Transit Pro, and more. Get a quote today for transit towing, aircraft tugs, towbarless tugs, and more at Eagle Tugs!

  1. Transit Pro TT-16 Aircraft Tug by Eagle Tugs

    Eagle Transit Pro TT-6


    The All wheel drive, diesel-powered service utility TT-6 tractor is designed to move inoperable buses up to 75,000 lbs. on dry/wet concrete, and 50,000 lbs. on snow and ice. Includes...

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  2. Transit Pro TT-8 Tractor Aircraft Tug by Eagle Tugs

    Eagle Transit Pro TT-8


    The TT-8 Tractor is an all-wheel drive, diesel-powered service utility tractor designed to move inoperable buses, especially articulated buses, up to 90,000 lbs. on dry/wet concrete,...

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