Towbarless Tugs

Move aircraft efficiently and safely with compact, maneuverable towbarless tugs. For over 20 years, JetPorter has been providing the towbarless solution to moving aircraft, providing a simplistic and ergonomic design. With JetPorter towbarless tugs vehicles, eliminating the towbar maximizes hangar efficiency by reducing the operating space required to position the aircraft. Check out our highly-efficient P100SSC Towbarless Tug,  and more. Get a quote today for highly-efficient towbarless aircraft tugs, towing equipment, bobtail tractors, and more at Eagle Tugs!

  1. eJP-12 Tronair

    Moves regional aircraft up to large-cabin business jets. Dual AC motors and regenerative braking give the eJP-12 the best turning radius in the industry and smoothest deceleration....

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  2. eJP-3 Series

    The eJP-3 & eJP-3L towbarless aircraft tugs have been designed to provide one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to move aircraft. Originally designed for individual aircraft...

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  3. eJP-10 Isolated

    Moves general aviation up to large business class aircraft. Dual AC electric motors and regenerative braking give the eJP-10 the best turning radius in the industry and smoothest...

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