Electric Aircraft Tugs

Eagle Tugs is your industry-leader for electric aircraft tugs. You can view more information including models, features, specifications, and more when considering the following electric tugs listed below. Get a quote on the Eagle eTT Series Tow Tractor, the MTT Electric Tow Tractor, and other aircraft tugs today at Eagle Tugs!
  1. Electric Aircraft Tugs - Eagle ETT Series

    The eTT Tug is the only Four-wheel Drive (4WD), Four-wheel Steer (4WS), and 80V A/C electric aircraft tug in its class. The eTT Series Electric Tug offers superior traction, maneuverability,...

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  2. electric aircraft tugs - eTT-16

    The eTT-16 aircraft tractor was designed to move business jets such as the G650 and Global 7000, and regional jets such as the E-195, in all weather conditions. eTT tugs offer Four-wheel...

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  3. electric aircraft tugs - MTT

    MTT Tugs is designed to be medium-duty, utility tow tractor. With a 5,000 lbs drawbar pull (DBP), the MTT tug can tow or push anything from cargo up to medium-sized aircraft. The MTT...

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