Guide to Used Aircraft Tugs and Ground Support Equipment

Used Aircraft Tugs

Purchasing ground support equipment (GSE) for your airport, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) facility or fixed-base operator (FBO) facility is a huge financial decision. New aircraft tugs,pushback tractors, baggage carts and test equipment are high-cost assets to acquire, maintain and operate for operations of any size. However, the value they provide tends to outweigh their cost of entry.

At Eagle Tugs, we understand every operation comes with its own unique financial situation. The importance of purchasing quality GSE is obvious – thankfully, new aircraft tugs and baggage tractors aren't your only high-quality option. Used ground support equipment, especially used aircraft tugs, may be perfect for bypassing the relatively high threshold of entry for purchase. The question is, is used GSE the best choice for your facility?

What Is Used Ground Support Equipment?

Just as the name implies, used ground support equipment is equipment that has been previously owned and operated by another operation. Manufacturers that offer used aircraft tugs and GSE do so for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is that operations want to trade in their lightly used GSE for newer models. This leaves the manufacturer with a surplus of equipment to sell for a lower cost. Once a manufacturer receives a used aircraft tug, they refurbish it completely and ensure it's in top-working condition before reselling it to a new customer.

What to Consider When Buying Used Aircraft Tugs and GSE

There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding whether to purchase new or used ground support equipment. Almost unanimously, the first question operation managers ask is, "how much does a used aircraft tug cost when compared to a brand-new model?" While the price for a used aircraft tug for sale from a manufacturer will always be more affordable, operations must also consider how their size and operational tempo will affect cost in the long run.

1. Size of Operation

If an operation purchases a brand-new GSE fleet, it'll be paying a premium price for premium equipment. Many large facilities can afford to invest in this equipment, but smaller airports and facilities may struggle. High GSE prices can drastically affect the budget if an operation is still small and growing, potentially limiting growth over time.

Because a fleet of used airport tugs is more affordable upfront, smaller operations can initially save tens of thousands of dollars. An operation can then use the money they save from picking up a used airplane tug for sale to increase staffing, training and other essential used GSE. While the quality of used aircraft tugs and GSE won't compare to brand-new models, it's still an excellent initial investment for organizations running on a limited budget. Opting for a fleet of used ground support equipment can mean the difference between getting an operation off the ground or staying at the same small size with the minimum amount of equipment and personnel.

In contrast, larger operations may find that used aircraft tugs and other GSE won't provide them with the same benefits of growth and will end up costing more in the long term.

2. Operational Tempo

Much of the decision to buy new or used ground support equipment will come down to operational tempo. In other words, how frequently will equipment like aircraft tugs?

Large airline terminals, heavily active MROs and corporate jet operations, where aircraft are constantly moving in and out of hangars, taking off and landing, may benefit more from new equipment. As mentioned, a used aircraft tug for sale from a manufacturer will come in excellent condition, but it can't compare to the assurance that will come with a new model. Facilities with high operational tempos must have complete peace of mind that their equipment will work and remain fully functional around the clock. Used aircraft tugs naturally require more inspections, tuning and general maintenance, which may cause delays in overly active facilities.

Eagle Tugs Is Home to Top-Rated New and Used Aircraft Tugs

Buying used aircraft tugs and other ground support equipment may seem like a great money-saving idea, but not every operation will have the same experience. Taking every aspect of your operation into account before you buy is the only way to guarantee a smart purchase that will provide notable benefits in the long run. Once you've decided which is better suited for your needs, Eagle Tugs is here to provide you with top-rated equipment to ensure your daily operations run as smoothly as possible. We carry an extensive selection of new and used ground support equipment ready to ship directly to your flightline.

Want to learn more about our new and used aircraft tugs for sale? Feel free to contact us at any time. The expert team at Eagle Tugs is here to help.

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