Why the Experts Rely on Bobtail Tractors

As the original creator of the Eagle Bobtail Tractor, Eagle Tugs remains the industry standard when it comes to safely transporting cargo and luggage to and from aircraft. For over 50 years, we've been designing and perfecting ground support equipment (GSE) you can count on. Our ever-popular Bobtail Tractors offer unmatched towing capacity, high speeds, comfortable cabins and a vehicle lifespan nearly three times as long as other cargo tractors on the market. In addition to this, all of our Eagle Bobtail tow tractors come standard with a 1-year/2,000-hour warranty and our unrivaled factory-direct support. Don't settle for second-rate tow tractors or repurposed industrial tugs. Trust the originators at Eagle Tugs for cargo towing done right.

Tow Tractor Benefits at a Glance

Around the world, top cargo handlers rely on Eagle Tugs' Bobtail tow tractors for their long-distance baggage and cargo hauling needs. The Eagle Bobtail Tractor is the unrivaled leader in the high-speed cargo towing market, and the following are just some of the many reasons why.


At Eagle Tugs, we offer a wide range of towing capacities (65,000 lbs. to 130,000 lbs.) to ensure you get the right tow tractor for your hauling needs. Eagle Bobtail tow tractors allow you to reliably haul more weight for longer distances at higher speeds.


Each Bobtail tow tractor is manufactured using a commercially proven Ford Super-Duty cab and chassis. This means you not only get superior reliability, but also a safe, comfortable and ergonomically designed cab with a rear sight tunnel for direct hitch visibility.


Our heavy-duty Bobtail tow trucks come standard with tubular grill guards, front and rear bumpers, and heavy steel plate bodies to provide added strength and protection. Plus, each model features ventilated disc brakes for consistent and reliable braking.

Tow Cargo Safely and Efficiently with Bobtail Tow Tractors

Choosing the right tow tractor for your needs is an important decision. Let the team of experts at Eagle Tugs help. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of Bobtail tow trucks and let us help put together a custom solution for your needs.

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The History of the Eagle Bobtail Tow Tractor

In the 1960s, the FMC Corporation began to develop new cargo handling systems for aircraft, revolutionizing the entire baggage transport process. While this decreased turnaround times and made unloading an airplane's cargo much quicker, it soon became clear that a more efficient baggage tractor solution would be needed to transport passengers' baggage to and from airport gates.

Thus, the need for an all-weather, high-speed cargo tow tractor was at an all-time high. Eagle Tugs answered the call. In 1969, we designed, developed and manufactured the Ford F-350 Bobtail Tractor for United Airlines at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The design utilized long-term plans first set forth by aviation visionaries during the early days of aviation. While the Eagle Bobtail Tractor has seen various upgrades throughout the decades, the core of the design remains the same.

During the mid-1990s, some ground crews attempted to convert industrial tractors for high-speed use as a replacement for the Bobtail Tractor. But come the early 2000s, mounting issues and safety concerns began to arise. Converted tractors had developed a bad reputation for unreliable braking, drive hubs, drive shafts and more. In addition, users were experiencing exhaust backing up into the cab, excessive driver fatigue and a general discomfort because of the lack of suspension. For these reasons and more, airports and MRO facilities made the switch back to the more reliable and durable Eagle Bobtail tow tractors.

To this day, Eagle Bobtail Tractors remain the narrow and wide-body cargo towing standard for all North American and British airlines, as well as military GSE fleets.

Let Eagle Tugs Help Find the Best Tow Tractors for Your Cargo-Hauling Needs

As the industry leader in high-speed cargo tractor engineering and manufacturing, Eagle Tugs is proud to provide customers with cargo tow trucks that are efficient, safe and reliable. Don't muddle your way through choosing a new tow tractor by yourself. Reach out to our team of experts today for more information about our selection of Bobtail Tractors and for help finding the right product for your ground support equipment fleet.

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Whether you're looking for a new Eagle Bobtail Tractor to safely transport cargo or just need some help creating maintenance plans to make your facility run a little smoother, we can help. Stay up-to-date on the latest comparison guides and informational articles from the team at Eagle Tugs.

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