Industrial Tugs

With Eagle Electric Tow Tractors, you can tow and push anything from people trams to rocket launch platforms efficiently, reliably and safely. Eagle also manufactures more specialized industrial tugs, such as the RTT and STT electric tow tractor models. The revolutionary RTT and STT family of industrial tuggers is explicitly designed around the strict ergonomics, safety, and efficiency requirements of today's high-volume manufacturers. Equipped with an efficient 48V or 80V A/C brushless motor and an optional "Smart Charge" battery, the Eagle RTT and STT electric tuggers are the most efficient and flexible industrial tuggers on the market today. Choose from other aircraft tug models including the RTT-12 Industrial Tug, RTT-18 Industrial Tug, RTT-50 Industrial Tug, and the STT-20 Industrial Tug, and more. Get a quote today for highly-efficient aircraft tugs, industrial tugs, and more at Eagle Tugs!

  1. Electric Tow Tractor - Eagle RTT-12

    Our remarkably efficient RTT-12 electric tow tractor will tow up to 12,000 lbs. The tow tractor has a fully adjustable seat for both stand-up and sit-down operation while going mobile....

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  2. RTT-18 Electric Tug by Eagle Tugs

    Hitch up to multiple carts with the RTT-18 which is capable of moving up to 18.000 lbs. Electric tuggers are suitable to use in airports and warehouses. This electric tug is perfect...

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  3. Electric Tugger - Eagle RTT-50

    Extremely efficient, 80V A/C electric tugger that can tow up to 50,000 lbs. Fully adjustable seat for both Stand-up and Sit-down operation. Designed to be used with...

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  4. STT-18 Industrial Tug Tow Tractor

    Extremely efficient, 48V A/C electric tug tow tractor that can tow up to 18,000 lbs. Sit-down operation. Designed to be used with optional "smart charge" battery and charger systems...

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