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For 50 years, Eagle Tugs has been designing and manufacturing nothing but aircraft tugs. Eagle has instilled those years of experience into each one of its designs. Eagle pushback and airport tugs offer a simplistic design, yet they are known around the world for their superior functionality and reliability. They are designed specifically to move aircraft; they are not baggage or cargo tractors repurposed for moving aircraft. That is why Eagle Tugs can offer its customers an industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hour warranty on its tug tow tractors.

  1. Eagle ETT-8X Electric Tug

    The latest evolution of Eagle has landed with the all new ETT-8X Electric Tow Tractor. The new sleek design offers an elevated look and feel to the Eagle brand you know and love. The...

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  2. All Wheel Drive Aircraft Tugs | Eagle Tugs

    TT Series Aircraft Tugs

    TT-4, TT-5, TT-6 & TT-8

    Eagle TT Series tugs are the only All Wheel Drive (AWD), mid-operator aircraft tugs in their weight class. With Eagle TT Series tow tractors, you'll get excellent traction, equal weight...

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  3.  aircraft tow tractors - eagle TT Series

    Eagle TT Series Aircraft Tugs are the only All Wheel Drive (AWD), mid-operator airplane tugs in their weight class, providing excellent traction, equal weight distribution, and direct...

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  4. Electric Aircraft Tugs - Eagle ETT Series

    The ETT Series is the only Four-wheel Drive (4WD), Four-wheel Steer (4WS), and 80V A/C electric aircraft tug in its class. The ETT Series Electric Tug offers superior traction, maneuverability,...

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  5. Eagle Tugs - Aircraft Tugs - XM Series

    XM Series Aircraft Tugs

    XM-30 & XM-20

    The Eagle XM Series tug is a cost-effective solution for moving the full B737 and A320 families of aircraft in dry or wet weather conditions. This XM tug has the latest Tier 4 Final...

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  6. Aircraft Tugs - XL Series

    XL Series Aircraft Tugs

    XL-40 & XL-30

    The Eagle XL tug is one of the largest tow tractors made by Eagle Tugs. The Eagle XL Series offers a Four-wheel Drive (4WD) powertrain for excellent traction, as well as Four-wheel...

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