Why the Experts Trust Eagle Tugs for Aircraft Towing

Eagle Tugs has been designing, manufacturing and perfecting the airport tug for more than 50 years. We understand the intricacies of aircraft towing and the importance of ensuring it's done safely, efficiently and properly — every time. It's why we've created each pushback and aircraft tug using a simplistic design that offers unparalleled functionality and reliability. Don't settle by using repurposed baggage or cargo tractors to transport aircraft. Eagle Tugs aircraft pushback tractors and airport tugs are made specifically to move airplanes. It's aircraft towing done right.

Benefits at a Glance

Each airport tug uses a towbar and is most efficient when utilized as a pushback tug for standard passenger airplanes. The following are just some of the many benefits that come with incorporating Eagle Tugs aircraft towing equipment into your ground support equipment (GSE) fleet.


The ergonomic airport tug utilizes a simple and easy-to-use design, requiring only one person to operate. And at Eagle Tugs, we offer low-profile electric, gas and diesel-powered models to help you pull any airplane with ease.


Each airport tug has the ability to tow a wide range of aircraft when used with the proper corresponding towbars. Airport tugs from Eagle Tugs can even be used for some specific non-aviation uses, meaning you get unmatched versatility.


Each aircraft tug offers an all-wheel-drive powertrain, providing controlled traction on all surfaces and weather conditions. Plus, aircraft tugs feature heavy-duty construction, offering greater longevity than other models on the market.

The Eagle eTT electric tow tractor is the only airport tug in its class to offer the combination of all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and a zero-emission 80V A/C electric drive.

The Best Facility Starts with the Best Airport Tugs

Choosing an airport tug is an important decision. Let the experts at Eagle Tugs help. Reach out to learn more about our selection of airport tugs for sale and let us help find the best solution for your needs.

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How Does An Airport Tug Work?

An Eagle Tugs airport tug couldn't be simpler to operate. Our team has ensured that each model is simple, safe and effective. The following are four simple steps to operate your new airport tug safely and properly. Learn more by checking out our guide to aircraft towing procedures.

1. Use the Right Aircraft Towbar and Head

First, ensure you're using the correct aircraft towbar and tow head for the type of airplane being moved and the airport tug being used. Make sure all linkages and moving parts are well lubricated and thoroughly check for any possible wear and tear.

2. Inspect, Check and Verify

Next, inspect the lift mechanism and check the manual pump. You should also inspect the lift cylinder for leaks, cracks and deterioration. If anything appears to be faulty or worn, it should be repaired or replaced before use. This is also the time to examine the wheels and corresponding hardware.

Towbar connect

3. Connect the Towbar

Before connecting the towbar, verify that the right type of coupler, eyebolt and hitch pin size are being used. Also, check that the shear pins are in good shape. Now, you can connect the towbar. The towbar should always be attached to the aircraft first. Once it's securely connected, it can then be attached to the airport tug. Try to keep the towbar as horizontal as possible, maintaining a 90-degree angle between the aircraft tug and the towbar.

4. Maintain the Correct Towing Angle

When transporting an aircraft using an airport tug, it is recommended that the aircraft towing angle not exceed 45 degrees. We recommend a large sweeping radius when turning. Be sure to follow the owner’s manual and guide for proper operating procedures and maintenance instructions.

Let Eagle Tugs Help Find the Best Aircraft Towing Equipment for Your Needs

At Eagle Tugs, we’re proud to be the industry’s best. We work tirelessly to provide corporate, regional and military customers with reliable products and exceptional customer service. Contact one of our Eagle Tugs representatives today about your airport tug needs and let us help find a customized solution ideal for your unique facility.


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