Why the Experts Trust Eagle Tugs Airplane Pushback Tractors

Repurposed or conventional tugs often make maneuvering an aircraft laborious and even dangerous. Pushback aircraft the right way with the help of Eagle Tugs. We understand the importance of moving aircraft smartly and safely. Eagle Tugs' innovative pushback tugs are ideal for almost every pushback operation. Our agile and low-profile aircraft pushback tugs give you the precision and efficiency you need out of your ground support equipment (GSE). Discover why experts around the world rely on Eagle Tugs for aircraft pushback and towing equipment to solve the unique demands of ground support operations.

Pushback Tug Benefits at a Glance

Pushback operations should be safe and straightforward. When operators are out on the tarmac, there's no time for error or overly complicated equipment. Eagle Tugs aircraft pushback tugs are trusted around the world thanks to their superior reliability and simple functionality. The following are just a few of the many reasons why airports, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, and the military rely on Eagle Tugs for their pushback operations.


For over 50 years, Eagle Tugs has been designing and manufacturing pushback tugs and aircraft towing equipment that get the job done right. Our powerful pushback tugs for aircraft are available with gas, diesel or electric-powered motors, so you get the power you need to drive your operations to success.


Our ergonomically designed towbarless pushback tractor is simple and easy-to-use. The low-profile design allows for excellent visibility, which also means it can be parked in the direct vicinity of a gate without becoming an obstruction. Plus, it only requires one person to operate, so you can conduct plane pushback with ease.

Cost Effective

Our emission-free electric tug technologies not only reduce fuel costs, but can also help you save on staff, training and overall operational and maintenance costs. Electric pushback tugs require less downtime and repairs, resulting in more flexible and streamlined planning, scheduling and operations.

The Best Facility Starts with the Best Pushback Tugs

Choosing the right airplane pushback tug for your needs is an important decision that shouldn't be made lightly. Let the team at Eagle Tugs help. Contact us today for pushback tractor specifications and information regarding our selection of aircraft pushback and towing equipment.

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What Makes Pushback Tugs Different from Airplane Tugs?

From airports to MROs to repair facilities, if your business involves aircraft, you most likely have to move it. A pushback is a common airport procedure where the airplane is safely pushed backward away from an airport gate through the use of external power in the form of a pushback tractor or airport tug. Airlines and operators conduct pushbacks around the clock, typically within very short timeframes. Because of this, it's critical that your operation is equipped with aircraft pushback and towing equipment that is both durable and reliable. But what exactly is a pushback tug and how is it different from other airplane tugs?

While some in the industry tend to lump all ground support equipment under the term "aircraft tugs," it's not actually a one-size-fits-all situation. Typically, aircraft tugs are built for specific operations in mind. A pushback tug is no different. It's designed to provide the operator with increased visibility of the attaching mechanism between the airplane and the tug itself. In most pushback-specific tugs, the operator is positioned to be directly facing the aircraft.

Our popular electric aircraft pushback tractor can be operated within a closed hangar, providing you with increased flexibility when compared to other gas or diesel options. And our towbarless pushback tugs alleviate safety concerns like blind spots, pinch points, pivot points and more. Many aircraft tugs available from Eagle Tugs are incredibly versatile and capable of both pushing back an aircraft and towing it. It is important to note, however, that some pushback tugs are only suited for pushback operations, as the driver is always facing the aircraft. For towing aircraft beyond the gate area, you'll want to use a more appropriate tractor tug.

Let Eagle Tugs Create a Custom Aircraft Pushback Solution for Your Needs

As a trusted name in the industry, Eagle Tugs is proud to offer customers innovative pushback tugs and aircraft towing equipment that is specially tailored to the specific purpose of safely transporting aircraft on the ground. Each model has been designed with you in mind, so you can feel confident that you're getting an efficient, safe and reliable aircraft pushback tug. Choosing the right airplane pushback tug can mean all the difference in terms of operations. Find the right model for your needs today and reach out to learn more about our custom aircraft pushback solutions.

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Whether you're in the final stages of a purchasing decision or simply need some advice and guidance when it comes to creating maintenance plans for your facility, we can help. Stay up-to-date on the latest comparison guides, educational articles and more from the team at Eagle Tugs.

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