Eagle TT-4


Optional All Wheel Drive powertrain, 4,000 lbf. DBP, and even weight distribution across all 4 wheels means this light aircraft tug provides some heavy features. The Eagle TT AWD Aircraft Tug -TT4 is perfect for light to mid-size business jets and helicopters and works great in all weather conditions. Learn more about this model below and check out the rest of the aircraft towing options Eagle Tugs has to offer to find the correct one to match your needs. 


TT-4 Eagle AWD Light Aircraft Tug

The Eagle TT Series light aircraft tugs have become known around the world for their All Wheel Drive (AWD) powertrain, providing superior traction and performance in all weather conditions. The TT Series was designed with ergonomic operator compartments, and front and rear hitch sight tunnels for safe and efficient handling of aircraft. TT Series customers benefit from over 25 years of design improvements and are backed by an industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hour warranty. Engineered to meet the needs of today’s regional airlines, corporate flight departments, fixed base operators and military flight operations, the Eagle TT Series aircraft tugs pack a significant amount of value into a low-profile, compact package. Be sure to check out other light aircraft tugs for sale available by Eagle Tugs.

TT-4 Eagle AWD Light Aircraft Tug Features:

  • Optional All Wheel Drive power train, providing safe, controlled traction on all surface conditions.
  • Equal weight distribution across all four wheels provides superior traction and steering control whether you are pushing or pulling aircraft.
  • Mid-operator design, provides operators with safe “slide-in & slide-out” access, and direct line of sight to front and rear hitches.
  • Ergonomic operator compartment.
  • Backed by an industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hr warranty.
  • Factory-direct support with the goal of same-day turnaround of all replacement parts.
  • Eagle Tugs has over 45 years of experience designing, building and supporting reliable tow tractors.

Additional Information




Load Type Ideal for aircraft such as the G150 and Citation Sovereign.


Drive Wheels 2 Front / 2 Rear
Drawbar Pull 4,000 lbf / 17.8 kN
Max Tow (Dry - 1% Grade) 55,000 lbs / 24,948 kgs
Max Tow (Wet - 1% Grade) 55,000 lbs / 24,948 kgs
Max Tow (Snow - 1% Grade) 30,000 lbs / 13,608 kgs
Towing Capacity 55,000 lbs / 24,948 kgs
Service Weight Diesel 6,400 lbs / 2,903 kgs
Service Weight Gas/LP 6,200 lbs / 2,812 kgs
Optional Cab - Add 500 lbs / 227 kgs


Length 116 in / 2,946 mm
Width 54 in / 1,372 mm
Width (dual rear) 72 in / 1,829 mm
Height 40 in / 1,016 mm
Height w/ cab (option) 71 in / 1,803 mm
Wheelbase 75 in / 1,905 mm
Track 46 in / 1,168 mm
Tires (front & rear) LT225/75 R16 LR E
Step Height 11.5 in / 228 mm
Ground Clearance 9 in / 228 mm


Frame/Body .375 in / 9.5 mm thick steel
Bumper (front/rear) 3 in (75 mm) - 4 in (100 mm) / 3 in (75 mm)


Suspension Leaf springs over both axles
Max Unloaded Speed 11.6 mph / 18.7 kph
Max Towing Speed 4.3 mph / 6.9 kph
Steering Hydraulic power-boosted mechanical: self-centering
Brakes Hydraulic, self-adjusting split type with accumulator
Front Brakes 12 in (disc)
Rear Brakes 12 x 2.5 in (drum)
Parking Brakes Orscheln-type mechanical to rear brake drums

Engine/Motor Specifications

Engine Options Diesel, Gas
Manufacturer (Gas/LPG) WisCon
Model (Gas/LPG) TM27
Rated Output @ 2800 rpm (Gas) 72 HP / 54 kW
Torque @ 2800 rpm (Gas/LPG) 129 ft lbs / 175 Nm
Cylinders - Displacement (Gas) 4 Cylinder / 2.7 L
Fuel Tank (Gas) 13 gallons / 60 liters
Manufacturer (Diesel) Yanmar
Model (Diesel) 4TNV98 Direct Injection
Rated Output @ 2800 rpm (Diesel) 68 HP / 51 kW
Torque @ 2800 rpm (Diesel) 186 ft lbs / 252 Nm
Cylinders - Displacement (Diesel) 4 Cylinder / 3.3 L
Fuel Tank (Diesel) 13 gal / 49 liters
Air Cleaner Severe environment, heavy duty, dry replacement element


System 12 Volt
Alternator (Gas) 65 amp
Alternator (Diesel) 80 amp
Battery (cold crank) (Gas) 650 amp
Battery (cold crank) (Diesel) 650 amp
Ignition Keyed with anti-restart switch
Lights 12V LED Long Life
Instruments Dual-unit digital back-lit display offering engine diagnostics and full instrumentation (diesel only)
Safe Handling Chart

Safe Handling Chart

MTOW Chart - TT Series


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