eJP-12 Towbarless Aircraft Tug

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Moves regional aircraft up to large-cabin business jets. Dual AC motors and regenerative braking give the eJP-12 the best turning radius in the industry and smoothest deceleration. Find everything that your airfield needs for aircraft towing. Get a quote on the eJP-12 towbarless tug and other airplane tugs today at Eagle Tugs!


The eJP-12 continues the co-development efforts between Eagle and Tronair. Powered by dual AC electric drive motors, the eJP-12 features Zero Degree Technology for industry leading turning capabilities. Operators will be able to position aircraft more precisely as the motors independently turn to reduce the space required to maneuver. The eJP-12 is designed to safely and efficiently move regional and large cabin business jets in all weather conditions.

Advanced control systems combine with integrated sensors providing oversteer protection and an aircraft selection system to limit torque. The vehicle can operate as a sit down model or enters creep mode when the steering column is adjusted to a stand up position. The automatic parking brake always engages upon stopping to maintain overall safety during operation.

Eagle has been manufacturing the industry’s most reliable and functional tow tractors for 50 years and now produces the eJP line of towbarless tractors. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the eJP-12 is backed by factory direct service and support. With a robust product line and the strongest warranty in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality and customer service. The eJP series are OEM approved by industry leaders such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer and Cessna. At Eagle Tugs, we earn our wings without ever leaving the ground.

Standard Features:

  • 3 year/3,000 hour warranty
  • Zero Degree turning technology
  • Zero-emission 72V AC electric drive
  • Dual drive motors
  • Regenerative braking
  • Power steering
  • Digital display with diagnostics
  • Steering position indicator
  • Oversteer protection system
  • Rear suspension
  • LED headlights
  • Battery watering system

Selected Options:

  • "Smart charging" battery system
  • Waterproof cradle camera and display
  • Custom paint scheme
  • Aircraft adapters

Additional Information


SKU eJP-12


Towing Capacity 125,000 lb (45,359 kg)
Service Weight with Battery 9,500 lb (4,309 kg)
Weight without Battery 6,580 lb (2,985 kg)


Length 219 in (5563 mm)
Width 78 in (1980 mm)
Height 38.8 in (986 mm)
Ground Clearance 4.9 in (124 mm)
Height (deck) 25.3 in (643 mm)
Cradle Depth 25.9 in (65.9 cm)
Cradle Width 40 in (101.6 cm)


Tires (Drive) 22 X 9 X 16
Steering Tires 18 x 7 x 8


Empty Speed 7.5 mph (12 kph)
Full Load Speed 3 mph (4.8 kph)
Brakes Dynamic motor braking
Parking Brakes Automatic activated/deactivated

Engine/Motor Specifications

Motor Horsepower 32 HP (110 HP Peak)
Motor Duty Cycle Continuous


Battery Type 72 VDC 440 AH Lead Acid

Product Warranty Information