Bobtail Service Update

Eagle Bobtail Cargo Tractor Service Update

Product: Eagle Bobtail Cargo Tractor 

Model Number(s): EB2-5G, EB2-5D, EB2-7G, EB2-8G, EB2-8D 

Date: 1/17/2019 

Discussion: Some instances of loose or broken box mounting bolts have been experienced by customers in the field. The loss of integrity to the box mounting hardware will allow the rear box of the EB2 to come loose, causing a loss of connection to the towed load, and possibly other damage to the tractor or surroundings. 

All customers should fully inspect the box mounting hardware and attachment points at the next available maintenance point. All bolts should be tight, with no signs of movement or shifting. The mounting structure on the frame of the tractor should be fully intact with no signs of loss of mounting integrity. Furthermore, any time the Bobtail is involved in a significant impact or accident with another piece of equipment to the rear of the tractor, the unit should be removed from service until an inspection can be completed to ensure that the tractor was not damaged by the impact. Please see below for some examples of damage done to a Bobtail box through operator abuse and impacts with other equipment.


Units Affected: 5B031 thru 5B201, 7B066 thru 7B244, 8B001 thru 8B012 

Corrective Action: Any loose box mounting bolts should be discarded and replaced with new 1/2-13 UNC Grade 8 Hex Cap screws. Box mounting screws should be torqued to 90 ft-lbs. per the torque specifications in the parts manual. 

Any signs of damage to the box mounting structure on the tractor frame must be fully repaired before putting the tractor back into service. Contact Eagle Tugs for replacement parts if necessary.

Action Required:

Dear Customer, 

Enclosed with this information is Eagle Tugs Service Bulletin 19-01-17. Compliance with this Service Bulletin is MANDATORY, and must have your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. 

Please perform the Corrective Action as described on Service Bulletin 19-01-17. Once corrective action has been performed, please advise Eagle Tugs via FAX or e-mail, so that we may close the file. Please note, any unauthorized modification of the Eagle Tugs products covered by this Service Advisory or use of such Eagle Tugs products in violation of cautions and warnings in any manual (including updates) or safety bulletin or advisory published or delivered by Eagle Tugs will immediately void any warranty, express or implied. Please be advised, you may only use authorized Eagle Tugs parts and equipment in servicing your Eagle Tugs products; please consult your user manual or contact our sales department with any questions. For your convenience and attention, we have enclosed a copy of our Standard Terms and Conditions, which remain in full force and effect.


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FAX: Upon completion, send this page: 419-867-0634 Attn: PRODUCT SUPPORT GROUP/SERVICE BULLETINS E-MAIL: Upon completion, send this page: Insert SERVICE BULLETIN in the subject line 

If you have any questions regarding this Service Bulletin, please contact the Tronair/Eagle Tugs sales department immediately. 

Sincerely, Tronair/Eagle Tugs Customer Service/Product Support Group

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