JP30 & JP30L Towbarless Aircraft Tug

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The JP30 & JP30L towbarless aircraft tugs have been designed to provide one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to move aircraft. Originally designed for individual aircraft owners and corporate flight departments the JP30 has grown in popularity and is now in use by many FBOs. Building an easy to operate and effective towbarless tug saves our customers valuable hangar space, time, and money.


With over 10 years of serving aviation, the JP30 & JP30L are a proven workhorse for piston aircraft up to light corporate jets. Browse the entire selection of towbarless tugs and light aircraft tugs to make sure your airfield has everything it needs!

JP30 and JP30L Towbarless Aircraft Tug Standard Features:

  • 2 year Tronair Platinum warranty 
  • Smooth deceleration regen-braking and an independent mechanical backup brake with hill hold button 
  • Rugged 6 horsepower, 48V, continuous duty-cycle drive motor with digital logic controller 
  • Two speed transaxle power transmission 
  • Built in 12-24-28/30V power supply to assist starting aircraft engines 
  • Batteries, deep cycle 6V JP30: 8 JP30L: 16 and longer chassis 
  • Charger simple to use 120V AC Operator platform accommodates operator and a passenger 
  • Low maintenance, solid rubber tires 
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Safety straps 
  • Automatic activated/deactivated parking brake

Additional Information


SKU JP30 & JP30L


Load Type Piston aircraft up to light corporate jets


Towing Capacity 30,000 lbs / 13,608 kg
Service Weight with Battery 2,450 lbs (JP30) & 3,250 lbs (JP30L)
Weight without Battery 1,870 lbs (848 kg)


Length 134.5" (JP30) & 171" (JP30L)
Width 40" (101.6 cm)
Height 49" (124.5 cm)
Ground Clearance 3" (7.7 cm)
Height (deck) 18" (45.7 cm)
Cradle Depth 15.625" (39.7 cm)
Cradle Width 19" (48.2 cm)


Tires (Drive) 6 x 8 (16 in O.D.)
Steering Tires 4,00 x 8 (16 in O.D.)


Empty Speed 10 mph (16kph)
Full Load Speed 3 mph(4.8 kph)
Brakes Dynamic motor braking
Parking Brakes Automatic activated/deactivated

Engine/Motor Specifications

Motor Horsepower 6 HP
Motor Duty Cycle Continuous


Battery Type Eight - 6 volt deep cycle (JP30) & Sixteen - 6 volt deep cycle (JP30L)
Power Cable Length 14', adapters included
Built In Automatic Charger 48V 25 amp DC, 120/230 VAC, 50/60 hz

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