Bob Tail

Over 45 years ago, Eagle Tugs was the original designer and manufacturer of the Bob Tail high-speed cargo tractor. Today, Eagle Bob Tails are still the leaders in high-speed cargo towing; most of the top cargo handlers use Eagle Bob Tails for their long-distance cargo hauling needs. Eagle Bob Tails are built on Ford Super-duty Chassis, which have over 100 years of automobile manufacturing experience instilled in their design. Eagle takes the already robust Ford chassis and shortens and strengthens the drive train, and "up-fits" the chassis into the most reliable high-speed cargo tractor on the market. The end result is a high-speed cargo tractor that can reliably tow more weight at higher speeds, is more comfortable for operators, and that lasts more than 3 times longer than traditional cargo tractors.

  1. Eagle Bob Tail Tow Tractors

    Eagle Bob Tail

    EB2-5, EB2-7, EB2-8

    Gas or Diesel-powered high-speed cargo tractors, built on the Ford F350 or F550 chassis.  Choice of a 5,000, 7,500 or 8,000 lbf. DBP to meet your cargo hauling...

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  2. Bob Tail Tow Tractor - Aircraft Tug

    Diesel-powered high-speed cargo tractor built on the Ford F-750 chassis. The Eagle EB2-10 offers customers 10,000 lbf. DBP to tow up to 95,000 lbs. of cargo at 25 mph (40 kph) in...

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